RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

As a first-time visitor to Chelsea we were able to soak up the atmosphere without any expectations. The best part was being surrounded by such incredible beauty, not just in the flowers themselves, but in the way that they had been arranged. From the tiniest detail on a petal to the magnitude of the greenness on a plot in Central London, we were blown away by the desire to be connected to nature. Below are 4 gardens that impressed us the most:

Eco-City Garden


Eco-City Garden - this is a practical garden for entertaining in a beautiful, tranquil space. We loved the way the colours of the flowers matched the colours of the cushions, and the consistent light grey paving joined it all together. A simple and effective way of providing habitat for people and wildlife together.

Welcome to Yorkshire


Welcome to Yorkshire - we felt instantly ‘at home’ in this garden whilst simultaneously dreaming of a holiday somewhere far away. This garden had habitat suitable for many forms of wildlife. It also had a vegetable patch ticking all the boxes for our perfect garden.

The Pearlfisher Garden


The Pearlfisher Garden - the best thing about this garden was the shadows of the rippling water on the stone floor, something that can only be captured in a moving image rather than a photograph. You could immerse yourself in this magical atmosphere for hours and emerge totally refreshed.

The Supershoes, Laced with Hope Garden


The Supershoes, Laced with Hope Garden - this vibrant, playful garden was full of colour and life, just like the ‘Supershoes’ made by the charity for Children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Full of love and hope for the future, you leave feeling uplifted and free. It would take someone bold and artistic to recreate this in their own garden, but if only public spaces looked more like this.

May 2018

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