Blackthorn Trust – The Build

A Community Physic Garden at the Blackthorn Trust

– The Build

Simply Go Gardening actively supports local charities. In April we supplied plants for the Blackthorn Trust’s new therapeutic Physic Garden designed by Marian Boswall. Blackthorn Trust is a charity in Maidstone that helps people with mental illnesses and this amazing new garden will provide a healing environment for people in need. The plants have been chosen for their therapeutic values like texture, scent and shape. This is a fantastic initiative that will be beneficial for the whole community as the garden, along with the café, are open to the public to enjoy. In addition to supplying the plants we also went there to help with the planting! Last Thursday and Friday Marta and Natalie joined the Blackthorn Trust team in planting this new garden and they had a great time, contributing to this fantastic project and learning about all the good work that the Blackthorn Trust do for the local community.

Physic Garden

Designed by
Marian Boswall



April 2019