RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

We recently had the honour of being the main plant supplier for the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden designed by the Duchess of Cambridge and landscape architects Andree Davies and Adam White.

The RHS Back to Nature Garden was an amazing woodland garden, inspired by childhood memories, creating a space where families could play, discover and learn. It was a very thoughtful design, boasting an impressive tree house and fun swing that hung from the branches, a very naturalistic waterfall and a beautifully crafted hollow log. However, the most important features from our point of view were the plants! The design was very calm, relaxing and cosy. The colour pallet was all shades of green and blue with splashes of white. Wild trees and shrubs combined with delicate perennials and amazing ferns created a very realistic woodland space.

We were also lucky to be able to join the team and help with building this garden before it opened to the public. It was an amazing experience for all the team, especially as we had never been to Chelsea during build week. It was fascinating to see how the other gardens were being constructed. The atmosphere was great and everyone was very well organised, super busy, but also extremely excited about their job. We were amazed by the attention to details. We noticed people trimming ornamental grasses to make them look 100% perfect, wrapping the flower buds of Irises so they didn’t open too early, removing faded flowers from crab apple trees, adding real moss collected from the woods to gardens to create an authentic, natural approach and much more. Constant deliveries, many lorries, diggers everywhere, forklifts… One week of ‘chaos’ to then create a wonderful Chelsea Flower Show for us to admire in person or on the TV.

One of our team returned to the site on Saturday to see the results of all the hard work. The show gardens looked fabulous and the atmosphere was great. See the photos below to see how Chelsea evolved, from the build to the final show!

Chelsea Flower Show 2019 in pictures



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