Caring for our Environment

Let's start at the beginning...

A significant number of the plants we produce start their life from cuttings or seed propagated on site, thus reducing vehicle movements before we start. Unlike some nurseries, we are all on one site.

We propagate into cell culture or biodegradable pots reducing waste to landfill when potting on young plants to the finished article.

We use peat reduced compost in many of our potted-on plants where we can guarantee the performance of the plant; not all plants like alternatives to peat based composts and as a result wastage can increase impacting our environment. Our peat is harvested responsibly.

We use pots made from high percentages of recycled material.

We harvest and store rainfall from our structures and recycle water through a modern, hygienic system, making our use of mains water for growing our plants a thing of the past.

When we must use products to protect the plants from pest and disease we select and apply with the environment and its inhabitants in the forefront of our thoughts.

We have modern solar energy panels producing more than the power we use to run our office systems returning energy to the national grid.

We select our packaging methods to minimise waste using, wherever possible, materials that can be recycled or have been recycled.

We carefully consider the best method to deliver our products to minimise our impact on the environment as a result of transportation.

We strive and apply a 'Get it right first time round' approach, aiming to reduce the duplication of deliveries that impacts our environment.

We grow with consideration and care to enhance our living spaces, providing the opportunity to create habitats that support biodiversity.

What can be better than 'All you need to grow'