Delivery Service – ‘Helping Hands’

To ensure your delivery is tailored to meet your needs we can offer 'Helping Hands'.

For the larger, heavier items a helping hand is often welcome and we would always recommend asking for help (if not from a friend then from our team) when handling large plants.

Regrettably we cannot offer these services for free and will need to run through with you what you are looking to achieve to ensure we can help, and to make sure that on the day the delivery runs smoothly.

  1. 'Helping Hands' - we can provide a member of staff to assist our driver to lift your item(s) into place *
  2. Subject to access we can arrange to have your items lifted into place using a crane or forklift *
  3. We can deliver on pallets to allow you to hire lifting equipment from your local hire centre *

* Due to the potential complications from restricted access, overhead power lines and non-weight bearing surfaces we recommend contacting us at quoting 'Helping Hands' and we will call you back.

We will run through our 'Helping Hands' Qualifying Questionnaire when we call and send you a copy to confirm details when booking the 'Helping Hands' services. It will speed up the process if you can look at the questions in advance to assist with assessing the best service for you.