Delivery Service – Specimen Items

We deliver specimen items using our own fleet or by an appointed carrier, in some postcode areas we can only offer limited, restricted or no service.

Our standard service offers kerbside delivery meaning the package/pallet will be left outside of your property; we will not take our vehicles onto your property unless specific authority has been given to do so. As delivery may be made in a heavy goods vehicle we cannot determine if surfaces will be damaged or restrictions in access will hamper delivery.

Please ensure you have the means of moving your items from the kerbside to the required location.

When considering specimen items please consider the following:

  1. Do you have steps?
  2. What is the narrowest point from the kerbside to the planting location?
  3. Do you have height restrictions to negotiate?
  4. Do you have any sharp bends to negotiate?
  5. Do you need to move the item across surfaces that may be damaged?
  6. Do you need to lift the item?

As a guide allow 1 kg per litre of compost i.e. a 500 litre pot will be approximately 500 kg. This includes, as a guide, the total weight.

Looking for further help? Please contact and we will phone you back to discuss your specific requirements. Please note if you cannot get a standard refuse vehicle down your road please let us know as this may restrict how close we can get your delivery to you.