Setting Standards

Our team works to samples selected by our head of sales. We take a photograph of the item to ensure all team members know the standards we set when selecting stock for your future purchases.

This same approach to standards is followed through the preparation, packaging and dispatch systems. We have a modern facility designed to deliver and record the standards we set ourselves.

Plants are living things and as with all living things they are different. As plants are sold from the crop we can reach a point where we run out of items that do not meet the standards set when selected by the head of sales.

Where we do not feel the plants are to standard we will contact you and tell you what we think prior to packing your shipment.

We will always endeavour to make the call by mid-day on the Wednesday to ensure you can consider alternatives or to receive a refund to the value of the item we do not feel is up to standard. 

We will not send a plant that we do not think that is to the required standards. 

Our pledge to you
'If I would not buy the plant we will not present it to you'
Simon King
Head of Sales

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